Interior Design Services

Thorough our collaborative partners, we provide a full range of interior design services including the following:

Finish Selection and Specification

Based on information gathered during the Visioning and Needs Assessment processes, we work with client representatives to develop a series of interior color and texture palettes, work to narrow these down through a review process, and make final interior finish and material selections. Throughout this process, we review the material specifications against the project goals of durability, sustainability and cost. During the Construction Documentation process, the specifications of these materials and finishes are incorporated into the documents.

Furniture Inventory and Specification

Concurrent to the architectural and interior design processes, we have the capability to assist our clients in assessment and inventory of existing furniture and equipment, and selection and specification of new furniture as required. Through an interactive process with client representatives, we will develop a furniture plan incorporating existing and new pieces, and bid documents for purchase of new furniture as required. Functionality, durability, sustainability and budget are key factors considered during this process.

Interior Programs

To provide a truly one-stop source for all your facility design needs, we can also assist you in the development of artwork, signage, window treatments and plantscape programs that meet your specific needs and coordinate with the architectural and interior design of your facility.

Move Management

One aspect of a building project that is often overlooked is the moving process. We can relieve this often time-consuming and disruptive process through a coordinated approach to move management. We can assist in bidding and selecting movers, coordinating their work, providing detailed installation drawings and being on-site during the move to answer questions and resolve any last-minute details.