As a collaborative firm, we carefully build our team for each project based on the specific needs of the project. We have relationships with local engineers, planners and designers to build a strong team for any type of project.

See the qualifications of our in-house team members:

Steven S. Hassevoort, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Managing Partner

Steve’s passion is making old buildings and building sites useful once again.  After 24 years with firms in Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, he ventured out and founded InForm Architecture to allow him to pursue this passion full-time.

Steve enjoys delving into a client’s organization to make sure that  each project fits that organization’s culture and really meets its long-term needs.  With degrees in architecture and business administration (and a couple of years as a music major), he is a true generalist and relishes all aspects of a project from needs assessment, design and detailing to financing, tax credits and technology.

The best part of his job is getting a group of people really excited about their project!

Mary Whittaker Duncan, R.A.


Mary is devoted to engaging with groups and organizations who make a difference in the communities in which they work.  She works diligently to understand their needs, their limitations and their opportunities.  Her involvement often begins well before a project is envisioned, and she works to bring the right people (consultants, experts, other collaborators) to the table to encourage collaboration.

A problem-solver at heart, Mary has a knack for working with diverse groups to reach consensus.   Through careful listening and thoughtful questions, she strives to uncover the core values and goals that can be embraced by all.  Very much a team player, she thoroughly enjoys collaboration with our team and our clients.

Contributing to projects that improve people’s lives is what makes Mary tick!

Amy Ragan

Interior Designer

Amy is an interior designer who strives to complete her clients’ vision by building a relationship with them, listening to their ideas, and utilizing her expertise.  Her past work experience includes residential design and wood studio design. These aid Amy in understanding how small details in a project can largely impact the end result.  Possessing creative but logical thinking in the design process allows her zeal for design to show through well-organized proposals.

Amy is full of energy and her ambition is driven by her clients’ satisfaction and confidence in her.  Her passion is to be personally involved in projects and envision beyond her clients’ desires, creating a result that exceeds their expectations.

Whether a project is big or small, Amy loves to see design and function come together to make a desirable space that is useable and unique.

Hannah Knoll

Architectural Technician

Hannah handles a variety of the nitty-gritty tasks involved in projects—drawing up base plans, assembling construction documents or whatever else needs to be done. She knows details can make or break a project and is happy working behind the scenes to get everything in order.

Hannah’s also an artist (because that’s what you do with a physics degree) using acrylic painting, photography and furniture design/sculpture to examine how the structure of our physical surroundings shape human interactions and define our communities (and how communities reciprocally shape their environments). She’s also experienced in organizing and facilitating community-based art and arts-related projects, which she greatly enjoys.

Working collaboratively with others to shape and create spaces of connection within the built environment is what truly motivates her!

Sherry McAllister

Architectural Technician

As the newest member of the InForm team, Sherry works behind the scenes on all things drawing-related. An achiever to the core, Sherry is motivated to produce documents that are timely and precise. Sherry brings 10 years of commercial architectural design experience from firms in the greater Kalamazoo area and Lansing. Because much of her previous experience is in school design, she is very excited to work on residential projects for the first time.

With 25 years of AutoCAD experience, an eagerness to take on new challenges, and a commitment to efficiency, Sherry is there to help get the work done wherever she is needed.

From field checks to punch lists, Sherry helps keep us on track!

Sarah Watson

Interior Designer

Sarah’s background in Interior Design and Marketing allows her to use her design skills in a variety of ways.  Her past work experience includes residential design and custom cabinetry and her attention to detail is apparent in her project work. She knows that things not only need to look great, but they need to make sense. Her love of technology and hard-lined details aid in her design by helping her to think logically through a project. Along with design, Sarah has a passion for photography and has spent several years as a freelance photographer creating beautiful images. With her creative mind, she works diligently to bring her client’s visions to life.

Fueled by a passion for space planning and creative thinking, she delivers results based on client-driven solutions. She is always eager to learn more and approaches any challenge with enthusiasm and an open mind to support her client’s needs and see a project through to completion.

Shaun Perski


New to Inform, Shaun enjoys helping wherever he can on a project to meet the needs of the team.  His interests include developing design ideas and using 3d visuals to help communicate the vision of the project.  This helps relay expectations for the client while creating a positive experience.  He is always willing to explore new ideas and concepts as the needs of the client are constantly changing.  Shaun’s experience in Architecture ranges from educational, healthcare and commercial.

janet puvogel designer

Janet Puvogel


Janet’s creativity and desire to help impact the community by enhancing the built environment fuels her enthusiasm for design. Her architectural passion is centered on renovating, restoring, and repurposing existing spaces and structures, and designing new, sustainable and enduring ones. While working in the Architecture field for over 20 years she has also continued to develop her skills in the creative arts; she relaxes by drawing, painting, and working with fiber, and finds similar joy in drawing by hand and with the computer.

Janet finds that bringing her attention to detail and interest in creative problem solving to InForm Architecture is energizing and rewarding. Her favorite aspects of architecture are organizing client’s program needs into a pleasing solution, collaborating with the design team to create innovative solutions and producing a well-ordered, quality set of documents.

Janet’s great pleasure of the workday is being part of a team that has a similar love of art, creativity, and community improvement through architecture!

Lillian Manning

Interior Designer

Lillian joined the InForm Architecture team as an Interior Designer and Administrative Associate where she collaborates with the other Interior Designer’s and Architect’s on projects. She’s a support person for projects in Auto CADD and SketchUp. Lillian manages office information and materials library information ensuring that it is organized, as well as, making media and marketing platform updates. Lillian enjoys helping in any capacity and is always willing to learn.

She loves all aspects of design and occasionally participates in local art exhibits. The interior designer in her strives to increase safety, function and elevate the aesthetics of interior spaces.