Project Description

Ark Cottages

New Tri-plex Studio Living Units

Location:  Kalamazoo, Michigan
Completion:  2011

Catholic Family Services of Kalamazoo has served youth, young adults and families in a ten-county region of southwestern Michigan since 1975.  Their Ark program, which focuses on service to youth, has three main functions, including a 24/7 voluntary short-term crisis intervention shelter for youth ages 10-17 who are homeless, have run away from home or are experiencing a crisis in their lives; a community services program providing youth with skill development, education, counseling and housing support services; and a new program offering permanent housing to young adults.

The new permanent housing program is focused on young adults ages 18-21 who have “aged” out of the foster care program but are not yet ready to function completely on their own.  This program will also provide various support and training programs to assist this vulnerable population.

The housing consists of a series of small residential structures or “cottages”.  Funded in part by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, each cottage will contain three small studio apartments designed to serve as long-term housing for this vulnerable population.   Laundry and group recreation facilities are provided in the on-site Service Center.

This project was designed and led by Steve Hassevoort while a Senior Principal at Diekema Hamann Architecture