Project Description

Camp Newago Wakonda Outpost

New summer camp structures

Location:  Newaygo, Michigan

Construction Completed:  Summer, 2022

As Camp Newaygo has continued to grow and expand its programing the need for more space for summer campers became apparent. InForm Architecture was hired to design two screened-in pavilions to house 10th grade campers on a hill overlooking Emerald Lake. The final design allows campers to relish a canopy retreat, basking in a lofty perspective that embraces the serene beauty of the area. The infusion of locally sourced Amish-milled lumber, meticulously assembled with artisanal wood joinery, not only anchors the pavilions in their heritage but also fosters an authentic and inviting atmosphere. The structure’s charm is further enhanced by custom stained-glass clerestory windows, adding a touch of artistic elegance to the immersive natural setting.