Project Description

Eastside Gateway Homes

Small Homes Community

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Completed: 2019/2022

Floor Area: 1,000 SF

After acquiring several sites and demolishing a few houses, the Kalamazoo County Land Bank worked with the Eastside Neighborhood Association to re-think this area on East Michigan between Phelps and Foresman.  Several neighborhood meetings later, the concept for 7 new one and two-bedroom affordable small houses emerged.  Project development lead to these factors:

  1. Extensive site work was required to create seven buildable sites and to minimize the impact of the overall slope of the combined parcels.
  2. To keep the houses energy efficient and affordable, the homes were designed to be energy-star compliant and “net zero ready”. Additionally, the buildings are oriented and prepped for the future addition of solar panels.
  3. To maximize affordability, the first of the houses was generously built by volunteers from the Kalamazoo Homebuilders’ Association, and Habitat for Humanity will be building the final two homes.