Project Description

Kalamazoo Tutor

Residential Addition and Remodel

Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Completed: 2014

Purchased by a young couple with a fondness for Tudor architecture, this charming house on a rolling lawn is notable not only for its overall form, but also for the attention to detail paid to the exterior.  Brick, eave and downspout details, alike, had been thoughtfully designed, built and maintained.  We were asked to look at a master plan that would include conversion of the garage to a spacious kitchen, a future garage with a master suite above, and a two-story connector between the main house and garage addition.  Instructed to maintain the Tudor character of the existing house, the challenge became finding suitable and affordable exterior materials that would honor the original construction.  The solution included repetition of form, introduction of cement-fiber siding, and respectful simplification of detail.